Music Streaming Technology

Past lawsuits regarding music piracy and the allotment of payments to musical artists have allowed start-up companies like Pandora and Spotify to flourish. Piracy does not happen nearly as much because there is a higher potential for finding yourself embroiled in a lawsuit. Spotify, for example, is a music streaming service that requires a person to pay a subscription price, as opposed to paying for an entire album or one song at a time. Apple's iTunes uses the latter system, although they have recently created a format to rival that of Spotify.

The decline in the pre-recorded music industry has been quire evident in recent years. Sales of CD's have declined, as well as the sales of entire albums in digital format. People who have invested in record companies in the past, are finding that their futures look murky. Smart investors are realizing that they must pull out while they still can so that they can hop onto the music streaming train. Pandora and Spotify have seen much success recently because they provide instant access to quality music, anf they provide money for the artists.

Spotify works to put money back into the pockets of the artists. The days of selling millions of copies of CDs are long gone, as this digital marketing industry has faded significantly. The instantaneous nature of using a music streaming application makes it very intriguing to investors. One of the reasons for this is that the streaming concept can be applied to other avenues of entertainment as well. This is the reason why it is smart to invest with these types of companies.

Piracy and other online crimes are dissuaded when transactions are recorded efficiently. During the 1990's and early 200,'s people began to share illegal music and video files with reckless abandon. It wasn't until actual lawsuits took shape that these actions began to wane. The mergence of music streaming paved the way for artists to find a new way to reap the rewards for their hard work, and it enabled investors to become excited about a potentially new earning opportunity.